Monday, June 6, 2011

Yay Me!

I'm one of the Webster's Pages FEATURED MEMBER for 6-12 June! (Cos of the altered cigar box I made for Eve)

*beams with pride*


  1. FABULOUS !!! =)
    Thank u so much for leaving me a comment earlier and so sorry for a late reply! The inking class was limited edition because of the shortage of supplies. But if there're demand, we'll definitely do a re-run (or similar with a twist) using a different set of products.... Stay tuned ok? THANK U !!

  2. thank you emeline! :)

    ohhh... i was wondering if it was cos u are abroad this month hence there isn't a re-run. am really looking forward to a re-run, even if it isn't exactly the same! the album is indeed charm-ink!