Sunday, July 24, 2011


Well... I don't have a very large wish list (thank goodness for my pockets). Anyone wanna buy me something? hehehe. I can make stuff for you guys in return? hehe. Naahhh I'm kidding. I can buy them when they hit the stores locally (hopeflly)... Just hope that they are not outta stock the moment they arrive (it happened with prima and webster's!) I don't expect anyone to send me goodies, especially not since postage cost more than the price of the items. But if anyone do... I will honour my word! I'll send a 12x12, or mini, or altered something back?!

anyway here goes!





See! I'm so not greedy right? Not THAAAAATTTT much that I want from this CHA right? Self control! Must practice self control!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Good Life Carousel Shadow Box Pop Up Mini Album

EDITED ON 25 JULY 2011: Ok I have had multiple requests literally everywhere for a tutorial of this album. Well... I don't think a "tutorial" is necessary, since each and everyone of you have your own style on how to doll up an album. BUT... I've made a template for the base of this album and it is available for DOWNLOAD HERE. Just input your email and a link for the PDF download will be sent to your mailbox. Hope that helps! Also, a shout out to Merdrey for the inspiration on the carousel roof! :)

Please note however, that the template is for personal use only. Strictly not for sale and please do not re-upload it anywhere else for others to download it. If anyone wants it, please direct them to my blog to download it. Thank you and have fun! :)

Ok I'm done with the 2-part mini album swap that I hosted and here's what I came up with for my swap partner! It's a carousel-style shadowbox album!
And why do I call it a carousel album? well here's why! it opens up into a "carousel", complete with "roof" and multi-layer "shadow box" like pages! See see! Each page has 3 layers, one inch apart, and photos can be placed at of the layers to create a multi-dimensional look.

As you can see, each page has LOADS of embellishments... which is the whole point of why I designed the album as such. Well, I told the ladies to send enough embellishment to cover one 6x6 page (2 sides), but I think each sent enough to make HALF AN ALBUM! So I had to design something that allows me to expend as much embellishments as I can, yet still allow space for photos and journalling...

Well.. I love photos... And I suck at making videos honestly... But I think a video "tour" can better give a feel of the album so here's one!

A couple more photos... Hope ya like it!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

G45 Magic of Oz Bottle Cap Swap on The Scrapbeach, with a Double Slider to go!

Here's the set of 3 bottle caps I made for a swap on The Scrapbeach.

Wanted to have a cooler presentation than the usual standard tag, so I made these double slider tags instead. Made a video to better show the double slider tag.

I must say that I am mighty proud of myself! Isn't it neat!?!? Just pull one of the tag and the other slides out simultaneously!

The bottle caps are on glue dots, so you can just peel them right off, leaving the top tag intact. And the bottom tag has this cute illustration by Skittie Young with space for journalling. Can recycle use them on a mini album page.

Decorated the scarecrow with lace, Dorothy with a pop up of her per dog and some blings and the lion with a blue bow. Also matted the image with the same blue checkered fabric as Dorothy's outfit.

Also, check out the illustration on the bottom tag by Skottie Young! Cute much!?! Finds his style familiar? He is a graphic novel artist that illustrates for Marvel, on titles such as X-Mem, Spiderman and wonderful Wizard of Oz! And he got nominated for the Eisner Award recently!

Hope the ladies like it!