Tuesday, June 28, 2011

August Scrapbeach Beach Theme Charm Swap

I am super duper early! It's June and I'm already done with my August charm swap. hehehe. Anyway, here are my August charms. The theme set by JoAnn is "Beach"... and i created a dolphin tag for my blue/aqua charm.

"A Dolphin totem can show you how to enter
the waters of life and then with breath and sound
call forth what you most need or desire."

The presentation tag is based on a tattoo designed by Halie Tee. It combines a dolphin with a treble clef. I glimmer misted the tag in blue and yellow... representing the ocean and sand, with tinge of pink to accent.

I then crackled the tag with rock candy distress crackle to get that sea glass effect.

and included some half pearls and dew drops.

Honestly, I think my creation for this month is very different from my July's. This month's focus is more on the presentation tag than the charm inself actually... hmmm... but i hope the ladies will still like it?

Saturday, June 25, 2011

July Scrapbeach Vintage Charm Swap

My charms for the July swap on scrapbeach :) Graphic45 Curtain Call papers for the tag with a little prima cabbage rose and some lace. Oxidized chains, charms and feather for the dangle. A mostly black, white/cream creation. Hope the ladies like these!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Matchbox Mini Swap {Creations by the Ladies}

Just a quick update on the swaps. Posting some pics first before I mail everything out coming Monday :)

Here's Kimie's creation. She used the large matchbox by the way so there's lotsa real estate for photos! Awesome crackling too!

Here's Julie's! Super colorful and intricate. With lotsa stamping. Julie has the cutest little flowers and mini stamps!

This is made by my angel :) Love ya Jenifer, for filling in at the last minute. Cute fluffy handmade flowers :)

And this is from Robin, who took the extra effort to lacquer the boxes so they are all shiny. I didn't mange to capture that in the photo, but they ARE glossed over!

The next two are from Tash. You ladies gotta look at all the intricate details when you receive it! She stamped lotsa pages and embossed them with clear embossing powder. All that effort, for the subtle sweet effect that won't take the focus off your photos!

One from Raquel, who finds the classiest of papers. Love the little mirrors tied to the lace!

And finally, one from me, angelling cos Camillia flaked.

My other two "official" ones for can be found at my other posts here and here. Thank you for joining me ladies! Your creations are OTT beautiful and I'm glad to own a piece of your artwork!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Backpack Mini Album

Wanna share a "Back To School" Backpack Mini that I made, with inspiration from Kathy from Paper Phenomenon. I drew inspiration from a paperbag mini she made last year, as well as her Random Memories Mini Album that she made not too long ago. Cept that I don't quite fancy paperbag minis cos they ain't acid free... So I assembled the pages a bit differently.

Anyway... here's the backpack :) It's a little different from the usual heavily embellished albums and altered projects that I do... But there is a lot of interactive elements in this one.

And here's the first inside page, the Stationery Page. There's a full page photo mat with a little pocket for photos or tags on the left. And on the right, that's where the fun is. The pencil is a flip-down tag, where I can do some journalling, and it is actually mounted on a mega-huge pull out tag/photo mat. Plenty of real estate there! The "cap" of the glue bottle can also be pulled out to reveal a journalling spot :)

Next page is the Bus Stop Page. Same goes, photo mat on the left, and on the right there's photo mat with a pocket at the bottom, and a pull-out tag of a school bus. The doors of the school bus opens too, so a photo can go there, and photos can also slip into the windows of the bus.

Third page, it's Lunch Time! I love this spread! the page on the left has this cute spongy felt apple, and it also flips up to reveal another two photo mats under. Actually, all the photo mats on the left either flips up, or flips left to maximize real estate. plenty of space for photos in this album.

And on the left, more pull out photo mats and tags. The milk carton, hamburger and french fries are all tags for journalling!

For this page, the little wallet mini was inspierd by the wallet in Kathy's Random Memories album. The wallet opens to reveal 4 pockets for photo mats and other goodies. I made two tag mats... Each opens to 4 photo spots, pockets at the bottom and a pull out tag.

As for this page, there are 3 pockets for whatever photos or little tickets etc, and it flips open so that a photo can go under.

Here's a last look at the backpack mini and all the interactive pull out mats, tags and stuffies... Anyway, if you have to know, this is the Grade School 8x8 stack from DCWV. I used exactly half the stack, one sheet of each paper design (plus lotsa plain cardstock), so I have another half a stack and I can make another backpack mini. Yay yay!

I had fun making this. Hope ya like it too!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Think Positive {Curtain} Mini Album

Just wanna quickly share an album that I made while baby was in hospital. A good past time in between his feeds, gas and meds really.

Anyway this album is titled "Think Positive Today". Totally hand-bound, made from scratch. And see that pretty "lace" on the cover? That's curtain! YEA YOU HEARD ME! Curtain! Merdrey has the most awesome ideas when designing hand bounded books :)

Pretty HUGE resin flower!

Mix materials, mix sized pages inside, screenprints, transparencies, paper... pocket pages, slot-in frames, file folder pages yada yada yada

Ok back to mixing meds and gassing the little rascal. Hope he recovers soon!

I'm A {Sick} Baby T-Rex...

I'm a Baby T-Rex,
And I love to roar and shriek,
But when I open my mouth,
There's nothing but a squeak!

So this is not scrapbook related... but it is my blog, so i'll update as i like :P for those that didn't already see it on FB, my T-rex is severely ill and down with RSV (Respiratory Syncitial Virus). ya know, that epidemic cold/cough thingy that always hit during the rainy seasons? cept that for adults, it will not go all the way to the lungs, but for babies, it would, and then they will cough, wheeze and cannot breathe... and lead to bronchiolitis.

So this is my "very sick" T-rex who got hospitalized. Apparently he is very ill. but he is so happy it's ridiculous. he tried whenever he could, to launch himself out in between the metal grills of the bed. wriggled and hid under the sheets to avoid being fed medicine.. or being fed ANYTHING at all... the not feeding part is the only "sick" symptom. and he kept yelling, ROARING and doing his signature war cry crap. i dunno where he find the energy to be so hyper. must be solar powered. i feel sorry for the newborn that is sleeping in the next bed, who is down with RSV too.

and this is a video of him in his boxing ring. tell me if he looks like a sick baby to you?
oh well i am not complaining really. better a happy sick baby than a miserable sick baby right?

but his hospitalization is gonna cost us 3 Macbook Airs by the way. Ugh whatever.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Yay Me!

I'm one of the Webster's Pages FEATURED MEMBER for 6-12 June! (Cos of the altered cigar box I made for Eve)

*beams with pride*

Friday, June 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Joy!

A little Joy as day keeps Mister Dark away. A layout done with Jaz, and now dedicated to Joy :) Happy birthday babe! Have a great one in Brunei!

Some close up on the embellies, as well as pretty Joy.

Love the peacock! First saw this on an altered box at my cuzzie's wedding (before I started scrapbooking) and i was like "where in the world did these gorgeous papers come from?!?"... Well, now I know :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Webster's Pages Birdhouse Staircase Mini Album

I <3 Webster's Pages. The paper is just gorgeous :) And the Basic Grey album adds to the sweetness! (But Basic Grey, can you have some quality control when packing your albums please? there's supposed to be 10 chipboard pieces but I only got 9, my friend got 8 in her pack. There are not many packs with 10 ya? *sigh*)

Did this album with Merdrey. Isn't it sweet? Included a charm that Sue Howe made for me for the Scrappyhappiness Tim Holtz Swivel Clasp swap. Isn't it pretty? And it goes soooooooo well with the album!

Hmmm but it's lacking a title though... I have not decided if I wanna put my Australia travel photos in it, or my Japan's. The cover looks a tad empty without a title!

Here's a close up of the charm. Pretty right?! The colors are so nicely coordinated.

Well this album is a top flip album, a little difficult to photograph cos it can't "stand" like the usual horizontal bound album. So i decided to fan it open to photograph. Here are some of the pages!

A close up of one of my favourite page. The color of the prima flower and webster's papers just come together so well!

I love this and i hope ya like it too! Thanks Mer! :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Altered Shadow Box with Birdcage (and a cutesy Paper Mache Bird! Lurveee)

Completed this shadowbox recently in class with Jaz, but made a few adjustments this couple of days to include some little thingies I like... Including the cutesy paper mache bird! <3 to bits!!

Some close ups of the fussy cuttings.

That blank frame is where my title is gonna go, will also bling up the area after I paste my alphas down. But I just couldn't resist sharing the pics first before completing it! hehe