Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm A {Sick} Baby T-Rex...

I'm a Baby T-Rex,
And I love to roar and shriek,
But when I open my mouth,
There's nothing but a squeak!

So this is not scrapbook related... but it is my blog, so i'll update as i like :P for those that didn't already see it on FB, my T-rex is severely ill and down with RSV (Respiratory Syncitial Virus). ya know, that epidemic cold/cough thingy that always hit during the rainy seasons? cept that for adults, it will not go all the way to the lungs, but for babies, it would, and then they will cough, wheeze and cannot breathe... and lead to bronchiolitis.

So this is my "very sick" T-rex who got hospitalized. Apparently he is very ill. but he is so happy it's ridiculous. he tried whenever he could, to launch himself out in between the metal grills of the bed. wriggled and hid under the sheets to avoid being fed medicine.. or being fed ANYTHING at all... the not feeding part is the only "sick" symptom. and he kept yelling, ROARING and doing his signature war cry crap. i dunno where he find the energy to be so hyper. must be solar powered. i feel sorry for the newborn that is sleeping in the next bed, who is down with RSV too.

and this is a video of him in his boxing ring. tell me if he looks like a sick baby to you?
oh well i am not complaining really. better a happy sick baby than a miserable sick baby right?

but his hospitalization is gonna cost us 3 Macbook Airs by the way. Ugh whatever.

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