Friday, June 24, 2011

Matchbox Mini Swap {Creations by the Ladies}

Just a quick update on the swaps. Posting some pics first before I mail everything out coming Monday :)

Here's Kimie's creation. She used the large matchbox by the way so there's lotsa real estate for photos! Awesome crackling too!

Here's Julie's! Super colorful and intricate. With lotsa stamping. Julie has the cutest little flowers and mini stamps!

This is made by my angel :) Love ya Jenifer, for filling in at the last minute. Cute fluffy handmade flowers :)

And this is from Robin, who took the extra effort to lacquer the boxes so they are all shiny. I didn't mange to capture that in the photo, but they ARE glossed over!

The next two are from Tash. You ladies gotta look at all the intricate details when you receive it! She stamped lotsa pages and embossed them with clear embossing powder. All that effort, for the subtle sweet effect that won't take the focus off your photos!

One from Raquel, who finds the classiest of papers. Love the little mirrors tied to the lace!

And finally, one from me, angelling cos Camillia flaked.

My other two "official" ones for can be found at my other posts here and here. Thank you for joining me ladies! Your creations are OTT beautiful and I'm glad to own a piece of your artwork!

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