Friday, June 17, 2011

Backpack Mini Album

Wanna share a "Back To School" Backpack Mini that I made, with inspiration from Kathy from Paper Phenomenon. I drew inspiration from a paperbag mini she made last year, as well as her Random Memories Mini Album that she made not too long ago. Cept that I don't quite fancy paperbag minis cos they ain't acid free... So I assembled the pages a bit differently.

Anyway... here's the backpack :) It's a little different from the usual heavily embellished albums and altered projects that I do... But there is a lot of interactive elements in this one.

And here's the first inside page, the Stationery Page. There's a full page photo mat with a little pocket for photos or tags on the left. And on the right, that's where the fun is. The pencil is a flip-down tag, where I can do some journalling, and it is actually mounted on a mega-huge pull out tag/photo mat. Plenty of real estate there! The "cap" of the glue bottle can also be pulled out to reveal a journalling spot :)

Next page is the Bus Stop Page. Same goes, photo mat on the left, and on the right there's photo mat with a pocket at the bottom, and a pull-out tag of a school bus. The doors of the school bus opens too, so a photo can go there, and photos can also slip into the windows of the bus.

Third page, it's Lunch Time! I love this spread! the page on the left has this cute spongy felt apple, and it also flips up to reveal another two photo mats under. Actually, all the photo mats on the left either flips up, or flips left to maximize real estate. plenty of space for photos in this album.

And on the left, more pull out photo mats and tags. The milk carton, hamburger and french fries are all tags for journalling!

For this page, the little wallet mini was inspierd by the wallet in Kathy's Random Memories album. The wallet opens to reveal 4 pockets for photo mats and other goodies. I made two tag mats... Each opens to 4 photo spots, pockets at the bottom and a pull out tag.

As for this page, there are 3 pockets for whatever photos or little tickets etc, and it flips open so that a photo can go under.

Here's a last look at the backpack mini and all the interactive pull out mats, tags and stuffies... Anyway, if you have to know, this is the Grade School 8x8 stack from DCWV. I used exactly half the stack, one sheet of each paper design (plus lotsa plain cardstock), so I have another half a stack and I can make another backpack mini. Yay yay!

I had fun making this. Hope ya like it too!

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