Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Collection Altered Multi-Drawer Trinket Box

December Project! Altered a Multi-Drawer Box by Karen Foster.

Embellies were mostly just buttons by Graphic45, with a couple of metal embellies from Tim Holtz. Of cos, the little drawers require pattern paper to cover... October Afternoon papers were used here, but you could always use scraps! Budget eh? haha

See the border that looks like wood? Thought it's real?! Aha! Gotcha!

A technique that I learnt from Sharon. Rub the length of a candle down kraft cardstock. Remember not to hold the candle like a pencil and draw. Next, rub distress ink over the cardstock. I use Tim Holtz Walnut Stain Distress Ink here. The candle wax will resist the ink and there you have it! Woodgrain!

Another method would be to paint the surface with acrylic paint using a dry brush (preferably a damaged brush that has dried paint on it). Then just run distress ink over it. The uneven surface created by the brush can mimick woodgrain too!

Have fun!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Early childhood education

So I was reading this column on the daily newspaper and the columnist was talking about sarcasm in children. And how his 4-year-old son will roll his eyes and say "...And there were two bears" before walking away. That was his equivalent of "talk to the hand." Hilarious.

I thought that was good haha. But this article is even better. Talks about how 2 siblings were not allowed a pet dog (or animals in general) and decided to adopt a housefly just to get back at their dad. A pretty good read. Here. Check it out :)

Digressing. That's also the story behind the name of this blog. I have a newborn baby boy. And was gonna blog and scrap about him, and thought "...And there were two bears" was a pretty cute blog URL. I like sarcastic kids. You want to laugh and strangle them at the same time. Haha.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Sweet Sweet Moments Altered Post-it Board


There was this voting contest on Facebook, and the prize is this altered post-it board by Jaz... AND I WON IT! Thanks to like the 60-70 friend who voted for me! Love ya guys!

See see see! Pretty right!

Hmmm... I have no use for a post-it board though... so I'm gonna alter the post-it part of it into a calendar instead, and attach a DND sign to the bottom of the board, and hang it on my room door. Can flip to the DND sign when I am *ahem cough cough* pumping breastmilk or feeding baby. Hehehe.

Perhaps my sign should read "Gourmet @ Work" instead of DND hehehe.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Angels Altered Box

A pretty romantic box in Webster's designer Jaz signature style. Pretty much?!

Jaz's original design was meant to be the album cover of a 6-page accordion fold album actually. But I never quite like accordion fold albums cos I can't jam pack them with embellies due to the nature of the folds. So I decided to make it into a box instead.

But... it isn't just a box! Look! here's the show stopper! Jaz original design came with the hinges as embellishments. But I thought it was a waste that they weren't functional, so I made a secret compartment under the layerings! Good for those little jewellery and stuff! Weeee....!

I really liked the layers of this box cover, so i translated the design onto a 12x12 layout for my dearest Granduncle and Grandaunt. Am closer to them then my grandparents, cos I was brought up by them since I was 2 months old :) Much love!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rusty Treasure Chest

A couple of weeks ago, I discovered my new favourite place, a local scrapbooking store called Laine's Papeterie. What caught my attention was this rusty looking treasure chest that was on display. I was subsequently told that there was gonna be a class held to create this little treasure. Overjoyed!

When I say rust, I meant those oxidized bronze kinda "rust". Not the reddish, dirty kinda rust. Something like that.

So here's what I completed in class.

A close up pic. Pretty realistic rusting eh? :)

Since Sharon (the instructor) was kind enough to share with us her technique. I'll spread the love! :) Here's how.

To create the rusty effect:

1. First, ink chipboard or cardstock with distress ink.
I used Tim Holtz Walnut Stain Distress Ink.

Then use a stamp with busy designs and stamp randomly on the chipboard/cardstock with embossing ink/glue.

Emboss with a greenish embossing powder.
I used the Aqua ZING! Embossing Powder by American Crafts.

Rub Timbre Brown Staz On Ink over the embossed chipboard/cardstock.


I'm a happy girl :D

Oh wells... I was telling da hubby about my "new" hobby when I got home from class, when it dawned upon me that it isn't exactly a newly discovered hobby. But in fact, it's just... ART. Something that was once a big part of me, but was buried and overwhelmed by work and the mundane. I graduated from an Art College, but haven't been in touch with anything artsy fartsy for the past 3 years cos I'm working in the PR field now. The lack of artsy stuff in my life is slowly devouring my soul. I'm glad that I'm rediscovering art, and rediscovering myself in the process :)