Sunday, April 24, 2011

May Scrapbeach Wildcard Charm Swap

Made these itsy bitsy teeny weeny charms for the wildcard swap on scrapbeach. they are real tiny (and cute if i may say so myself)! like the smallest bead is only 3-5mm! pretty cute i must say!

and i encase them in matchboxes instead of the usual tags or cards (cos i bought lots for the matchbox mini swap that i'm hosting haha). thought the combination looked pretty sweet, yes? hehe

hmmm... but i'm not too sure if the ladies are gonna like these? i mean they look cute and all to me.. and i do like teeny miniature stuffies... but i do know that some people would prefer larger charms i suppose... so i am a little apprehensive.. hrm hrm hrm. what do ya think?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

[2-Part Swap] Shabby Chic Embellishments / Mini Album Challenge Swap

This is gonna be a fun 2-part embellishments / mini album swap, WITH A TWIST. Interested? Read on! :)
Unlimited sign ups.
Sign ups close on 30 April 2011.


Put together 6 similar goodie bags of embellishments in SHABBY CHIC/VINTAGE style.

In each bag, you MUST include:-
1. 1 Large 3D Flower* (1.5-2 inch)
2. 2 Medium 3D Flowers* (1-1.5 inch)
3. 2 Small 3D Flowers* (less than 1 inch) or 4 Flat Flowers or 4 Leaves

(Option: Instead of sending items 1, 2 & 3, you can also send ONE of those big bunch of prima, webster's, petaloo bouquet that has leaves, vines & flowers)

4. 2 Trims of at least 10 inches each
5. 1 Metal Embellishment
6. 5 other embellishments* (pins, diecuts, tags, chipboard elements, blings etc)
7. 1 Sticker or Stamped image/phrase on paper or transparency
8. Any other interesting goodies

*Flowers, embellies can be handmade or store bought.

Keep 1 bag, mail 5 to me for redistribution.
Goodie Bags are to be posted by 15 May 2011.

Upon receiving the swap bags, put them together with the bag you kept for yourself and MAKE A MINI ALBUM! For who?

Aha! This is a game of "ANGEL & MORTAL" / "SECRET SANTA". You're an "Angel" and will be assigned a "Mortal", whom you will make an album for!

Somebody ELSE is your "Angel" and she will make you an album. You WILL NOT KNOW who your "Angel" is, and you must not disclose your identity to your recipient "Mortal" until you have shipped! Surprise surprise?! :)

1. Album must have at least 5 pages (10 sides, excluding front cover), and at least 6"x6" or 5"x7". You may choose your own paper collection. Exercise your judgement and pick something you think your "Mortal" might like. No obligations though, it's sender's choice so just have fun!
2. You can ONLY USE the embellishments in the bags, nothing else. Ink them, mist them, paint them and make them work for you!
3. You must use up at least 75% of the embellishments. All unused embellishments are to be mailed to your "Mortal" together with the mini album you made.

- Shipping deadline for Goodie Bags is 15 May 2011. I need to see that the package is postmarked 15 May. Bags should reach me no later than 31 May.
- Please be willing to ship internationally.
- Please put your name on EVERY bag. (so that I don't accidentally send your own bag back to you!)
- Print and include 2 copies of your name & address together with your goodie bags. One is for me to mail the swap bags back to you. The other is for me to give to your "Angel" to ship the album to you direct.
- No SAE is required. I'll package and bill you exact shipping via PAYPAL. (If you make me an extra goodie bag, I'll pay for the return shipping of the swapped goodie bags)
- PM me for address once you are ready to ship.
- PM me the DC# after you ship.
- Shipping Deadline for Mini Album is 15 July 2011. Ship directly to your "Mortal", not to me.

Any Qs? Just ask!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tim Holtz Swivel Clasps Charm Swap

Made these dragonfly charms for a swap. My first go at making charms. So I hope I'm doing it right and that it's good enough? Here's a pic of the white dragonfly charm.
And here's a close up of the wire-wrapped glass bead along with the other little trinkets.

I've included:-
- 1 handmade Chinese knot dragonfly
- 1 wire-wrapped glass bead with pearl dangle
- 1 Pink Paislee metal dragonfly / butterfly charm
- 1 metal heart / square charm
- 1 flower ball make of little primas
- 1 Tim Holtz Muse Token
- 1 Making Memories Key & Locket Charm
Here's a close up of the light green dragonfly.As you can see, every charm is slightly different as the dragonfly is of a different color. So is the flower ball.So yep, here goes nothing! Hope the ladies that receive these like them enough!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Life is Beautiful Mini Album

Did this in... Jan.. I think? But didn't have the time to photograph and post it. Not quite completed though... Cos some pages were designed for the embellies to go on top of the photos. I have set aside the embellies... Will post the completed album with photos when I am done (I hope, hehehe)

Used a ton of primas as you can tell. Prima gotta love me. And yes, the white doily is prima packaging haha

Lurrrvvveee Tim Holtz Distress Crackle Paint! That's Distress Crackle in Rock Candy. can't get it in the local store though.. So I gotta ship from USA... Boo...

Love those little flower balls! I included them in the Tim Holtz Swivel Clasps Swap that Nancy is hosting... So whoever's in my group gets charms with flower balls hehehe.

One last look at the album with pages open. It's a pretty fat album actually.. Can't close fully anyway... But that means that it's packed with goodness!

So yep! that's all for now! Comments comments?!