Friday, September 14, 2012

Angelling for an Angel

*sigh* i don't know... but i think nice people get taken advantage of. Anitra is like the sweetest, most patient swapper in my most recent swap, and yet she got flaked on twice! First by her partner (ok not flaked, but she had to pull out), then by her ANGEL! How can an angel flaked?! :(

Anyway, Anitra is also voted by the site to be the winner of best creation. So I say, just too bad for the people who flaked on her. You are just not fated to own her gorgeous creation!

So anyway... I filled in as an angel for her. And here's what I made.

This is the box.

Held closed by ribbons...

The entire set. I left the sentiments blank so that Anitra can fill in whatever she wanna say herself :)

I take no credits for the photos... they are mostly taken by Brian Ho from thegaleria and stolen off google. lol Brian is my wedding photographer too and he is awesome. Know what? He shoots in film! How often do you find a photographer who is confident enough to shoot in film these days? 'nuff said! Do look for him if you are getting married :)

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