Thursday, December 29, 2011

12 Days of Christmas: A Gift for Joy

Joy gets 2 pressies too! The same Christmas tag that I gave Dionne, along with a bag charm. The cool thing about this charm (I feel), is that it was made from beads and charms that fell off the originals.

Let me explain. As you guys know, I have been participating in charm swaps. And each time I receive my package, I'll find that some beads and charms have fallen off the creations that the ladies sent. Well I don't know exactly where/which they fell off from, so I just set all these aside. And this charm, was made outta those stuff that fell off. I think the bulk of the main charm was made by Katie... or Sue... But I'm not sure! Will any of these talented ladies out there who's looking please come claim credit?!

I don't mean to be cheapskate!! But I thought it was a great way to recycle, plus I am stuck in the hospital with my baby so it's not like I have the time to buy new stuff! BUTTTT.... the cutie girl charm that is the centerpiece is new and handmade. And it's mighty cute right!!

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