Wednesday, December 28, 2011

12 Days of Christmas: A Gift for Dionne

Two gifts actually :) A Christmas tag and a bottle cap dragon! Isn't the dragon absolutely lovely?!! I didn't make the bottle cap dragon though, got it from a talented crafter on etsy, justJB.

Even the write up on the story of the dragonlet is cute!

"Such adorable creatures - bet you didn't know they made dragons this small, eh? At this size, it's difficult for a critter to make a home even out of branches and twigs - those are huge to an inch-high critter! So they make do with what they can scavenge.

This dragonlet has gone a step above its bottle-cap-nesting brethren and has tried to hide itself with scraps of trash. It has covered itself in various watch cogs and gears, and little metal plates, and even found a little watch winder to decorate itself with, in hopes you will look him over and think he is just some discarded refuse. He is so tiny, he is terribly nervous about humans!

He's hoping you will either look right past him, or give him a very safe place to call home!"

Take good care of him will ya Dionne! Merry Christmas!

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