Saturday, December 25, 2010

Early childhood education

So I was reading this column on the daily newspaper and the columnist was talking about sarcasm in children. And how his 4-year-old son will roll his eyes and say "...And there were two bears" before walking away. That was his equivalent of "talk to the hand." Hilarious.

I thought that was good haha. But this article is even better. Talks about how 2 siblings were not allowed a pet dog (or animals in general) and decided to adopt a housefly just to get back at their dad. A pretty good read. Here. Check it out :)

Digressing. That's also the story behind the name of this blog. I have a newborn baby boy. And was gonna blog and scrap about him, and thought "...And there were two bears" was a pretty cute blog URL. I like sarcastic kids. You want to laugh and strangle them at the same time. Haha.

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