Thursday, May 3, 2012

In Loving Memory of Avery Lynn Canahuati 11/11/11 - 30/04/12

"Imagine you've been diagnosed with an incurable genetic disease and you are told you will not only lose your ability to walk and move your arms, but you will die between now and the next 18 months. What would you do? My name is Avery Lynn Canahuati, I'm almost 5 months old, and this has become my reality. But before I die, there's a few things I'd like to accomplish...this is my bucket list and my story. SHARE IT & HELP ME TELL THE WORLD ABOUT SMA!"

This is little Avery's introduction, on her blog Avery's Bucket List. Have you read her blog? Or seen her in the news recently? Avery has a genetic disease clled SMA type 1. Have you heard of it?

On the morning of 30 April, I chanced upon her blog. One of the posts on her blog has a bucket list, a list of things Avery wanna do before she dies, one of which read "Paint a picture for my mommy and daddy". Well, I can't paint on her behalf, cos that doesn't quite count does it? But I thought that little Avery and her parents might like a little hand made gift as keepsake, and here it is.

I've also included a pull out mechanism, where I wrote some stuff (not shown here) for Avery.

Unfortunately, Avery crossed the rainbow bridge later on the same day that I discovered her blog :(

Without me explaining, do you know what SMA is? Well, if you don't, please hop on over to her blog. I want you to hear it from her. So i'm not going to go into details here. But it's a genetic disease where MANY PEOPLE are carriers. You may seem normal, but it might surface in your children, or grandchildren because you passed it on to them. There are no cures, and infants suffering from SMA type 1 will not live past 2.

So what can you do?

The pre-pregnancy test for SMA is COVERED BY INSURANCE, but is not commonly offered (and most people don't opt for it cos they have not heard of it). So if you are thinking of having a child, or know of anyone who is, PLEASE hop on over to Avery's blog, to read about the disease which took her away, and prevent it from happening to yourselves. That's all Avery is asking for... Nothing can be done for her, but EVERYTHING can be done for you, if only you KNOW about SMA.

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  1. Just beautiful! It is obvious you made this with love and that shines through. I'm certain they will treausre it forever.