Sunday, April 24, 2011

May Scrapbeach Wildcard Charm Swap

Made these itsy bitsy teeny weeny charms for the wildcard swap on scrapbeach. they are real tiny (and cute if i may say so myself)! like the smallest bead is only 3-5mm! pretty cute i must say!

and i encase them in matchboxes instead of the usual tags or cards (cos i bought lots for the matchbox mini swap that i'm hosting haha). thought the combination looked pretty sweet, yes? hehe

hmmm... but i'm not too sure if the ladies are gonna like these? i mean they look cute and all to me.. and i do like teeny miniature stuffies... but i do know that some people would prefer larger charms i suppose... so i am a little apprehensive.. hrm hrm hrm. what do ya think?

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